How to Stay Safe about Craigslist

You may think about how to remain safe on Craigslist ads. It may seem unachievable, but there are ways to avoid slipping victim to scammers. The first tip is to avoid the “big price ticket items” that want you to any credit check to obtain. These con artists might ask you to line money to them to obtain high-interest credit cards. Even when you think it’s buying a priceless item, do not ever give out your own card information concerning Craigslist. When you are purchasing a large-ticket item, it might be wise to have a friend with you. You may also avoid giving your credit cards information to strangers by making use of PayPal instead.

If you meet up with a stranger through Craigslist ads, you should match them in a community place. When you’re selling something huge, try get together at a coffee shop or mall, or maybe at the regional police radio station. Always keep the cell phone with you so you can contact the person should you need to. Regardless if you’re achieving someone in person, don’t let these people into your residence. If you’re conference them face-to-face, try to get their very own phone number or full name just before meeting them. If they have a cell phone, you are able to text these people that you’re achieving them in a consumer place.

While Craigslist is made for no-frills selling and buying, you should always use caution when performing business around the internet site. You can use the real email or a web proxy email address given by Craigslist to make contact with potential buyers. This will likely protect you from scammers and spammers. Regardless of your age, you should always use caution when conducting business on Craigslist. In addition , you should always be around a friend once meeting an individual on the site.