The bright red color makes the cone berries very attractive. The fruit is very demanded and appreciated for its sweetness, bright red color, characteristic aroma and juicy texture. It is widely consumed in big quantities, either fresh or in prepared foods as, juice, ice creams, pies, chocolates and milkshakes.

Availability : November – March
Packaging :high punnet

1) 1:20 Punnet x 225 Gm= 4,50 kg N.W./CRTN
2) 2:12 Punnet x 400 Gm= 4,80 kg N.W./CRTN
Flat Punnet
1) 1:10 Punnet x 250 Gm= 2.50 kg N.W./CRTN
2) 2: 8 Punnet x 250 Gm= 2.00 kg N.W./CRTN